For our Summer 2014 Campaign we have selected Pathfinder. Characters will start at level 2 and may be any Core or Base Class on the SRD, with any modifications published by Paizo. (This means anything on the SRD that says '3rd party' is a no-go.) All the Core Races are available, and other races can be approved by Bob the GM on a case-by-case basis. Stats will be the High Fantasy Purchase option (20 points). (NOTE - Changed from Standard.)

The campaign itself will take place in the core Pathfinder world, Golarion, on the lost continent of Arcadia. (As of this time) PCs may be locals or imports, if the latter, think of a plausible reason why you're 4000 miles from home. Pathfinder Deities should be followed it at all possible.

As always, all characters will be approved by the GM before the start of play.

This map outlines the basic geography of the area. It is dominated by a mountain chain to the west and has limited access to the sea to the east.

This is a political map outlining the five major regions of the campaign.

Starting at the top and going clockwise…

Nalesskelurn is ruled by the evil Queen Skelacktia, mostly under the boots of her mighty black-armored legions. It is rumored that she has been arresting pregnant mothers of late, many of which do not return.

The twisted avian Nechrath control the land they have recently renamed Draksis. Their might is due to dark magics and mighty mechanical automatons.

Beyond the mountains to the south west lie the steppes of Shyfia. Here hordes of horsemen are the greatest concern, for they plunder the defenseless villagers in service of a great snake cult.

Jaraeq is home to mostly miners and farmers. This land is also widely known to have fallen under the control of the mighty dragon Verioth, who demands sacrifices and regular tributes.

Nestled in the crook of the mountains is the great maze of Lyeilia. Goblins emanate from within, menacing the countryside regularly. While the land on the map is technically claimed by neighboring factions, the shaded area is distinctly within goblin control.

At the mouth of the river between Draksis and Nalesskelurn is the trade port Ataraxia. Aligned with Abadar this LN city upholds the peace at all costs. All deals are fair and consistent with the law, but otherwise, pretty much anything goes - so long as it is out of sight and does not disturb the peace. Nalesskelurn claims the land, but demands no nor receives any tribute, and Ataraxia sees to its own security with a strong City Guard and a formidable Navy.

The kick-off adventure will begin in Ataraxia.



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